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COSCO Container Lines France S.A.S.

A long-term Partnership
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 Notice about the new booking and empty container release procedures

June 16th, 2017

From June 26th, COSCO SHIPPING Lines France implement a new procedure for booking and empty container release

Click here to read the notice.


Notices about Hanjin Crisis to inform Customers


COSCO Shipping launches North Europe to West Africa service

September 6th, 2016

From August 30th, 2016 COSCO Shipping will join the NEWA service from North Europe to West Africa.
The port roation is as follows:

NEWA: Tilbury - Antwerp - Dunkirk - Le Havre - Tangier - Algeciras - Dakar - Abidjan - Dakar - Algeciras - Tilbury

For more information, please contact our sales department: Contact us


COSCON release its VGM declaration procedure

June 17th, 2016

To read the notice, click here.


 COSCON Starts Global Network Integration

April 13th, 2016

To read the notice, click here.


IMO requirement on Verified Container Weight before Loading

March 23rd, 2016

As from July 1st, 2016, the new Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulation will become effective; therefore the packed containers’ Verified Gross Mass (VGM) will be mandatory for all the units to be loaded onboard our vessels.


Click here to view the customer information notice, and here to view the Q&A notice.


COSCON Headquarters announce the restructuration of COSCON and CSCL

December 15th, 2015

 COSCON and CSCL will restructure and integrate in order to become one of the top four container shipping giants in the world. We will combine our quality resources to achieve synergies and provide better customer service.

To read the announcement letter, click here.


COSCON to join the EPIC service from North Europe to IPBC & Middle East

October 30th, 2015

From November 27th, 2015, COSCO will join the EPIC service from North Europe to IPBC & the Middle East, covering Mediterranean, Red Sea, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan & India ports.

The port roation is as follows:


EPIC: Khor Al Fakkan - Jebel Ali - Port Qasim - Nhava Sheva - Hazira - Mundra - Jeddah - Malta - Tanger - Southampton - Rotterdam - Hamburg - Antwerp - Dunkirk - Le Havre - Beirut - Djibouti - Khor Al Fakkan


To see the service map, click here.

For more information, please contact our sales department: Contact us


COSCON to join the MINA service from IPBC & Middle East to West Mediterranean


October 26th, 2015


From October 2015, COSCON join the MINA service at import from IPBC & Middle East to FOS-SUR-MER.

The port roation is as follows:


MINA: Khor Al Fakkan - Jebel Ali - Port Qasim - Nhava Sheva - Mundra - Jeddah - Port Said - La Spezia - Livorno - Genoa - La Spezia - Fos-Sur-Mer - Barcelona - Valencia - Algeciras


To see the service map, click here.

For more information, please contact our sales department: Contact us


New procedure for the re-use of empty containers

September 24th

 From October 1st, 2015, the re-use of empty containers will be managed throught the Avantida system.


Once their user profile has been created on the Avantida platform (, the carriers will be able to submit their requests for the re-use of empty containers through this same platform.


For more information, please contact our Equipment Control Department:

Mr. Matthieu DEHAIS
equipment site internet



COSCON joins the Asia to West Med MEX1 service with calls at FOS-SUR-MER

January 16th, 2015

As from the end of January 17th 2015, COSCON propose weekly calls at Fos-sur-Mer on the Asia to West Mediterranean service MEX1.

The port rotation is the following:

MEX1: Shanghai-Ningbo-Yantian-Chiwan-Port Kelang-Piraeus-Malta-Valencia-Barcelona-Fos sur Mer-Malta-Port Kelang-Xiamen-Shanghai
See the service map

For more information, please contact the sales office of your area: contact us


COSCON joins the Asia to North Europe services FAL1 & FAL3 with calls at LE HAVRE & DUNKIRK

November 5th, 2014

As from the end of November 2014, COSCON propose weekly calls at Le Havre & Dunkirk on the Asia to North Europe services FAL1 & FAL3.

The port rotations are as follows:


FAL1: Ningbo-Shanghai-Xiamen-Hong Kong-Yantian-Port Kelang-Southampton-Hamburg-Rotterdam-Zeebrugge-Le Havre-Port Kelang-Ningbo

See the service map


FAL3: Tianjin-Dalian-Pusan-Qingdao-Shanghai-Yantian-Port Kelang-Le Havre-Dunkirk-Hamburg-Rotterdam-Zeebrugge-Southampton-Le Havre-Port Kelang-Tianjin

See the service map


For more information, please contact the sales office of your area: contact us



April 11th, 2014

We are pleased to announce that COSCON launch the new Far East - West Mediterranean Express Service, AMX1, starting from April 25th, 2014.  and calling at the port of FOS-SUR-MER.
The first call at FOS-SUR-MER will take place on May 28th.

This service will be operated by 10 vessels with capacities of 6900 and 8500 TEUs.

The rotation will be as follows:
Qingdao / Shanghai / Ningbo / Shekou / Port Kelang / Port Saïd / La Spezia / Genoa / Fos / Barcelona / Valencia / Port Saïd / Jeddah / Kor Fakkan / Port Kelang / Qingdao.


Click here to view the service map.


Online daily information about the vessels' schedules now available!

March 21st, 2014

With the goal to always provide timely information to our valued customers, COSCON France now publish online daily information and up-dates about the vessels' schedules in the French ports.


You can access to the vessels information sheet from the home page of our website by checking the Services & Schedules section and clicking on the Vessels Info LE HAVRE & FOS link as follows:


New procedure at LE HAVRE terminals

March 5th, 2014

Click here to read the notice about the new trucker appointment procedure at the terminals in LE HAVRE.

CKYHE Alliance to be established: Evergreen to join existing partners

February 25th, 2014

COSCO, KLINE, YANGMING, HANJIN and EVERGREEN LINE are pleased to announce that the five parties have agreed in principle to establish a shipping alliance. To be operational only on the trades between Asia and Europe, including the Mediterranean region, it will be called the CKYHE Alliance.

The lines intend to formally begin the new Alliance as of 1st March 2014 subject to compliance with the relevant regulations. The CKYHE will commence operations in mid April with six joint services operating between Asia and Northern Europe and four loops dedicated to the Asia-Mediterranean route.

The members of CKYHE have agreed to continuously review services on the Asia-Northern Europe and Asia-Mediterranean trades in order to optimize their efficiency and to enhance their service quality in terms of network coverage. The lines’ customers will benefit from a better quality of service in terms of transit times and service frequency.

Operational efficiencies will also strengthen the Alliance members’ effective environmental stewardship. The lines have a commitment to cleaner shipping, which they understand their customers value highly. The Alliance will continue to pursue measures to minimize bunker consumption via ‘eco-slow steaming’ and to reduce CO2 emissions.




COSCON France receive the award of Best Maritime Transport Supplier from SAINT GOBAIN GLASS

December 5th, 2013

On November 28th, SAINT GOBAIN GLASS held an award ceremony at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Roissy, France during which they remitted trophies to 6 of their suppliers.

COSCON France received the award of the "Best Maritime Transport Supplier.

The trophy was remitted to Mr Braesch, Sales Manager of COSCON France, by Mr Beguerie, the Managing Director of SAINT GOBAIN GLASS, who congratulated COSCON France for the excellence and the reliability of its services, its flexibility, the timely issuing of documentation and invoice accuracy, the positive communication  and the ability to find solutions to match SAINT GOBAIN GLASS's requests and needs.




COSCON has created new equipment for hanger containers

November 26th, 2013

To offer you, our honored client, with better COSCON services, we have created a certain kind of fixed-used single and double layer garment on hanger containers with a welded top rail and a welded side rail.


Click here to read the detailed notice about this new equipment.


Notices on value-added tax in China


COSCON Launch 5 Customer Service Enhancement Targets

August 1st, 2013

COSCON has established a broad service network within the past several years, and now is one of the five largest container lines in the world with an annual carrying throughput of 8,000,000 TEUs.

Committed to improving constantly the customer experience, COSCON has always worked strenuously to provide professional service solutions and quality. Aside from offering more state-of-art fleets and more integrated transport options, COSCON particularly engages in the optimization of internal business procedures to ensure the quality in serving its worldwide customers.

On June 1st 2013, COSCON launched 5 services enhancement targets in China, aimed at reaching higher service level in 5 aspects of Booking, Empty release, B/L Release, Invoicing and dispute settlement.

On Aug 1st 2013, the same project implement in North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Sri Lanka.



Click here to reach the service evaluation page.


New Europe-Asia service CESS from LE HAVRE


July 10th, 2013

We are pleased to announce that starting from July 2013, a new Europe - Asia service, CESS, will call at the port of LE HAVRE.
The first call at LE HAVRE will take place on July 16th.

This service will be operated by 4 x 8500 TEUs and 4 x 7000 TEUs vessels.

The rotation will be as follows:
Le Havre / Hamburg / Rotterdam / Piraeus / Kaohsiung / Ningbo / Shanghai / Taipei / Hong Kong / Shekou / Piraeus / Algeciras / Le Havre.


See the schedule


Capt. Wei Visited CCI Paris Ile-de-France

July 2nd, 2013

On June 25, Capt. Wei Jiafu, Chairman of COSCO Group visited the Chamber of Commerce of Industry of the Region of Paris Ile-de France, and met with its Vice President Alain Eygreteau and Secretary-General Xu Xiaoqing of the chamber's communication committee of China and France.


The meeting was focused on how to enhance cooperation between chamber member companies and COSCO Group. Capt. Wei said to the chamber that in the economic and trade sectors, both parties should adhere to mutual collaboration and win-win with on a long-term perspective, he also hoped the cooperation could be strengthened in service trades between China and France.

The Chamber of Commerce of Industry of the Region of Paris Ile-de France is the largest business chamber in France, with 280,000 members. One third of French largest companies register in the chamber, representing 21% of France's GDP.




Capt. Wei attended French President's senior meeting at the Palace of Elysée

July 2nd, 2013

On June 25, invited by the President Hollande of France,

Capt. Wei Jiafu, Chairman of COSCO Group together with 12 other CEOs attended the senior meeting and the banquet at the Palace of Elysée.
The event was arranged by Professor Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of WEF with the theme on opportunities in doing business and investment in France. The discussion over the meeting has covered major economic issues that deserve attention from the French government. This meeting will also help the French government in formulating its economic policies for the coming years.

At the meeting, Capt. Wei said COSCO will promote economic collaboration between China and France,which would benefit the people in both countries and also contribute to world peace. Capt. Wei futher stated that for the overall interests of both sides, a long term perspective is required and the principle of cooperation and win-win to be followed. Efforts should not be spared to avoid the tit for tat siutation because of small differences.


Capt. Wei also hoped that through the solid cooperation of entrepreneurs in the two countries, the economic ties between China and France, as well as that of EU will be advanced to a new height. All these will bring the realization of China Dream and World Dream.




COSMED service to call FOS-SUR-MER

April 10th, 2013

As of mid April 2013, the COSMED service will call FOS-SUR-MER.

This service is operated by two vessels with a capacity of 750 teus each and will have a weekly call in FOS-SUR-MER with arrival on Tuesday and departure on Wednesday.


The rotation is as follows:




The first call in FOS-SUR-MER, M/V MONSUN V.036W/E, is scheduled with ETA in Seayard 2XL on 16/04/2013, ETD on 17/04/2013.


Click here to view the service map.


COSCON France obtains the AEO certification

September 13, 2012

On September 5th 2012, COSCO Container Lines France was certified Agreed Economic Operator (AEO) by the French customs.


An Agreed Economic Operator is an economic operator which is considered reliable by the customs of the EU Community within the frame of the customs operations that it accomplishes on the whole territory of the Community. It is consequently authorized to benefit by some advantages with the EU.
The AEO is a voluntary process done in partnership with the customs administration.
Within the frame of the accreditation scale published by the customs authorities, the AEO is ranked as number 3, which is the highest degree of reliability. 

This certification was introduced in 2006 by the EU Community through the Rule 1875/2006 which defines the status of the Agreed Economic Operator. 
Up to 2012, over 800 companies obtained the AEO certification in France.


Through the AEO certification, COSCON France attests to its commitment to provide safe and secured services to its customers at all levels of the supply chain.


Read more about the AEO certification by clicking here



Captain Wei met Dassault Group Chairman Senator S. Dassault

September 6, 2012

On September 3rd, 2012, Captain Wei Jiafu, Chairman of COSCO Group who was heading a COSCO business delegation for a France trip, made a visit with the President of COSCO Europe, Mr Fu Hai Chao, and the General Manager of COSCO France, Captain Ju Weiping,  to Senator Serge Dassault, Chairman of Dassault Group, in Paris. Senator Dassault hosted a dinner in honor of Captain Wei and the COSCO delegation after their meeting at the head office of the esteemed Dassault Group.


Dassult Group, as a leading industrial company, is known for its outstanding innovative and research capability. The company sustains a leading position in executive aircraft production, industrial system design, and media. Being a major contributor to the China-French partnership, Dassult Group has been committed to the sound growth of economic and trade ties between China and France.

Earlier in the morning, Captain Wei made a special visit to the head office of Dassault System in Paris and met with the Company's President & CEO Bernald Charles. During the visit, Captain Wei toured the 3D Experience Center of Dassault Systems and was given a presentation by the of Dassault System technicians on the simulation systems that the Company has developed for shipbuilding and offshore marine engineering clients.

Dassault System is a world leader in industrial system development. It's 3D Experience World is committed to the sustainable developments of its global clientele. As a result of the leading research capability and outstanding corporate social responsibility, the company's software systems have been widely applied for industrial purposes.



Read more news of the COSCO Group 

 Captain Wei visited the Bolloré Group

September 1, 2012

On 31 August, 2012, Captain Wei Jiafu, Chairman of COSCO Group, accompanied by the President of COSCO Europe, Mr Fu Hai Chao, and the General Manager of COSCO France, Captain Ju Weiping, made a visit to Bolloré Group in Paris. Captain Wei had a courtesy meeting with Mr. Vincent Bolloré, Chairman and CEO of Bolloré Group before he was given a presentation on Bolloré Group's logistics and freight forwarding business by the senior executives of SDV and Bolloré Ports & Logistics, which are major business subsidiaries of the Fortune 500 company.

Bolloré Group has diversified business operations in over 110 countries, covering transportation & logistics, freight forwarding, port developments, telecommunications & media and energy storage business. Bolloré Ports and Logistics plays a leading position in African market.



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 New Europe-Asia service NE6 from LE HAVRE

April 13, 2012

We are pleased to announce that starting from May 2012, a new Europe - Asia service, NE6, will call at the port of LE HAVRE.
The first call at LE HAVRE will take place on May 3rd, 2012.

This service will be operated by 7 x 10000 TEUs, 1 x 13000 TEUs, and 2 x 9000 TEUs vessels.

The rotation will be as follows:
Le Havre / Algeciras / Singapore / Hong Kong / Xingang / Kwangyang / Busan / Shanghai / Yantian / Singapore / Algeciras / Hamburg / Rotterdam / Le Havre.

Click here to obtain more information about transit times, schedules and vessel particulars.


The COSCON Carbon Calculator is available now!

June 17, 2011

Click below to calculate the CO2 emission of your cargo on our ships. 


COSCON mobile phone application available now!

June 7, 2011

COSCON distribute a mobile application to experience the convenience of our excellent service.

With the COSCON mobile application, you can keep a close eye on your cargo and explore the COSCON Sailing Schedule wherever you are!
Click here to get the detailed information.


Receive e-mail notifications!

February 16, 2011

By logging on, you can receive automatic cargo status updates via e-mail.


Notice of Entry Summary Declaration Surcharge

January 1, 2011

With the EU Customs Cargo Advance Security Rules, COSCON decide to implement ENS (Entry Summary Declaration surcharge) for all shipments from Far East and IPBC area to European countries with effective fm Jan 1st 2011(sailing date).

The details are as follow:
1. The rate of ENS is USD25 per bill of lading to cover the daily COSCON additional operation cost of the new rules. In case customer requests a manifest amendment after we lodged Entry Summary Declaration with EU Customs, USD40 per bill of lading will be implemented.
2. The above surcharge will be prepaid for shipments destined to the below countries:
A) 27 members of European Union countries:
United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, The Republic of Ireland, Greece, Portugal , Spain, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Malta, Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuanian, Romania, Bulgaria
B) Other European countries whose cargo must be transhipped via European Union ports:
Russia, Norway, Switzeland, Iceland, Croatia


EU Advance Cargo Security to be mandatorily implemented from JAN. 1, 2011

January 1, 2011

The European Union (EU) has promulgated new advance cargo security rules that are scheduled to take effect for all vessel voyages that begin fm the first minute of Jan. 1, 2011.

The European 24 Hour Rule requires that the ocean carrier lodges with the 1st entry port customs authority in the EU an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) for all shipments that will be carried on a vessel that will call one or more ports in the EU.

The EU rules require that the ENS must be filed no later than 24 hours before the commencement of vessel loading in each foreign (i.e., non-EU) port on the vessel schedule.

An ENS is required irrespective of the final destination of each individual shipment on a vessel arriving in the EU. This means that an ENS is required for shipments:

  • Imported into the EU
  • Discharged in an EU port for transit by rail or truck to a non-EU destination
  • Transshipped in an EU port for loading on to another vessel for carriage to a non-EU destination
  • Remaining on board the vessel (FROB) during ports of call in the EU with a destination outside the EU.

The EU rules prescribe the data elements that must be included in the ENS. An incomplete ENS will be rejected by the Customs authorities. A shipment for which an ENS has not been filed and accepted by Customs may not be loaded. In other words -- the EU 24 Hour Rule applies a “no documentation – no load” requirement. Penalties and delay of the vessel and shipments carried may result in case of breach of this requirement. COSCON will definitely apply this “no documentation- no load” requirement.

The data elements required to be included in the ENS will need to be taken from our master Bill of Lading (B/L). COSCON issues master B/L on the basis of information provided at the time of booking and completed by the shipping instructions as received from each of our shippers and/or customers.

If we do not get these shipping instructions well ahead of the time when we must lodge the ENS, we will be unable to file a complete ENS for the shipment. The latest time that we must receive the shipping instructions so that we may file a complete ENS on time is called documentation cut-off.

COSCON will apply different documentation cut-off times for each non-EU foreign load port and trade lane, and our local office will in due course inform you about the documentation cut-off that also will be provided at the time of booking.

The data elements we will need to receive by the documentation cut-off for inclusion in the ENS are:

  • Consignor (EORI number where available)
  • Consignee (EORI number where available)
  • Notify Party (mandatory for “To Order” B/L)
  • Cargo description: 4 digit HS code, but 6 digit HS Code is recommended
  • Code for the type of packages
  • Number of packages
  • Shipping marks for packaged goods (not necessary for containerized goods)
  • Container number
    Seal number
  • Gross mass (in kilograms)
  • UN code for dangerous goods
  • Transport charges method of payment code (e.g. payment in cash, payment by credit card, payment by check, electronic credit transfer, account holder with carrier, not pre-paid).

COSCON might not accept a plain language cargo description instead of HS codes. This is because several EU Member States have stated that they would not accept cargo descriptions in English but will require that cargo descriptions be translated into their national languages, thus imposing an additional reporting burden on ocean carriers and their shipper customers. Use of the HS codes will address this issue. Also, although the EU rules – currently, at least – only require 4 digit HS codes, we recommend that our shippers and/or customers always provide HS codes at the 6 digit level. 4 digit HS codes are rather general and may lead Customs authorities to make enquiries about the nature of the goods, perhaps putting a hold on the shipment pending receipt of more details thereof.

The Customs authorities will use the 24 hour “window” between filing of the ENS and commencement of vessel loading to assess the risk of shipments. If this risk assessment results in Customs issuing a “Do Not Load”(DNL), we will inform the shipper and/or customer concerned and, in cooperation with the customer, try to address Customs’ concerns so that the container may still be loaded on to the scheduled vessel. However, the EU Member States are entitled to establish their own conditions for whether and on what basis, to lift a DNL, so our shipper and/or customers should expect delays in the loading of containers subject to a DNL.

The most efficient way to reduce the likelihood of European Customs authorities issuing DNL is to ensure that the shipping instructions are:

  • Provided at the latest by our documentation cut-off
  • Complete and
  • Accurate.

COSCON has made every effort to study EU 24 Hour rules and kept a close eye on the latest rules promulgated by individual state of EU members. Meanwhile, we have also spent much, time, money and manpower, updating and developing our system so that we can help our customers properly lodge ENS and fully satisfy EU 24 Hour rules.



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